Power Generation

Critical infrastructure protection using the most secure networks

Utilities and renewable energy providers face challenges such as high-level security requirements and accessing effective communications in remote and hard to reach areas. Our solutions solve both of these issues with the most secure satellite connectivity combined with a no-maintenance, easy installation hardware solution.

  • Secure Satellite Communications
  • Intelsat Secure Operations Center Availability
  • Easy Installation
  • No Maintenance

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Land Mobile

Connectivity as never before available using an electronically steered antenna

Every customer is unique with specialized managed service needs. Our team has the experience and technology to provide end-to-end quality of experience solutions using the latest products and services.

Airbus and the World Bank monitor the national road network.

We ship our solutions pre-configured and installation ready, with no technicians required.

  • Communications On The Move
  • Continuous Electronic Satellite Tracking
  • Low-power consumption
  • Lightweight, Rugged Design

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Oil and Gas

Secure connections for crew welfare and home office high-throughput communication

Crew welfare and secure home office connectivity are essential to operating oil and gas platforms and vehicles, both on and off shore. Our high-throughput satellite technology now provides the ability to connect your systems and services, with ease of installation and no maintenance required.

  • High-throughput Connectivity
  • Managed Satellite Communications Services 
  • Ku-band Reliability
  • No Maintenance
Learn how Kymeta, NXT and Spot LLC are helping companies stay connected.

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Enabling remote teams to effectively communicate for the latest updates

Providing the latest plans and documentation is essential to any successful construction project. Our portable satellite terminal solution installs in minutes and gets your site connected right away with no technicians required. No more delays and errors due to miscommunication between the remote site and home office.

  • Portable Solution
  • Ruggedized Enclosures
  • Worldwide Connectivity
  • Ease of Use

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One worldwide network and with no antenna pointing or maintenance required

The maritime industrie’s unique challenges including multiple carrier switching, satellite acquisition on the move, and heavy technical maintenance have been solved. Our product line allows owners and captains to easily connect to shore for all your needs, from performance monitoring to live streaming.

  • IP-based Satellite Internet
  • Single Service, Worldwide Coverage
  • No Moving Parts or Maintenance
  • Sleek, low profile 

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Internet of Things

SCADA-ready for all secure protocols, configurations, and connected devices

With the IoT market experiencing tremendous growth, solving the connectivity needs for hundreds and thousands of devices at remote sites will be a serious challenge. Having to maintain a costly, bulky satellite solution that is prone to fail used to rule out serious remote monitoring at mission critical sites. This problem has been solved with our easy to install satellite communication product. Free your technicians to deal with running your plant rather than solving communication issues.

  • SCADA-ready
  • All Protocols Supported
  • Custom Port Security
  • Simple Ethernet Connectivity

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Kymeta Ku-band satellite terminals address the need for lightweight, slim, and high-throughput communication systems that do not require mechanical components to steer toward a satellite and make connecting nearly any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform easy.